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My Favorite Cold Remedies

It’s cold season and I would like to share some natural remedies and supplements I like to keep handy and use at the first signs of a cold:

Fresh ginger - always in my fridge. I grate some, put in a tea bag and make a hot tea. Ginger is a traditional chinese medicine remedy. It boosts circulation and sort of pushes out the invading cold. Best taken at the first signs of a cold. Also, it is warming, and is best to use for cold symptoms of runny and clear nasal discharge, sneezing and chills.

Medicinal mushrooms - immune booster. Can be cooked fresh, added to soup or taken in supplement form. I take the Host Defense My Community tincture made of 17 kinds of medicinal mushrooms.

Fish oil - great antioxidant. Colds generate a lot of free radical activity, and antioxidants help balance this. Nordic Naturals is my favorite brand.

Glutathione - one of the body’s most important antioxidants, and a key cofactor in detoxification. This is one of my favorite supplements during colds, I usually clearly feel better after taking it.

Herbal cough syrup - colds start at the nose and often travel downwards into the lungs over time. I like to start taking support for the lungs early on. My current favorite is the Bronchial Wellness Syrup by Gaia Herbs.

Vitamin C - citrus fruits are very cooling to the body and I usually don’t tolerate much of them well when I’m already feeling cold. So I take vitamin C in powder form.

Green drink - in powder form, or a smoothie blend of a banana, coconut milk and spinach or whatever leafy greens you like. Having some greens always makes me feel better.

So these are my favorite 7 cold remedies that I always like to have ready to use.

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