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    I was born in Nitra, Slovakia and have since moved a dozen times to reach my present home in New York City. Traveling has always fascinated me and I like New York's international flavor.


    My path has taken me from growing up in a communist country, to living through a major revolution and the subsequent cultural transition, to finally building up my life as an immigrant to the US. Having lived through a very eventful era and many cultural adjustments, I have continuously been challenged to develop resourcefulness, careful observation of the many new environments I found myself in, as well as maintaining focus in the middle of flexible adaptability. I use these skills today in the form of embodied dreaming which relies on careful perceiving of subtle detail in dream material and identifying its very felt, embodied experience in the body.


    I've been lucky to have experienced a rich number of jobs throughout my life: from corporate to self-employed. Some of my favorites include: watercolor artist, published author, embodied dreaming teacher, health coach, kinesiologist, Human Resources Manager, assistant at a Chinese herbal clinic, librarian, executive search assistant.


    In addition, early on I spent time working in fast food restaurants, organizing events, washing windows, selling clothing and appliances in stores, playing music in the street, making jewelry.


    All of these have exposed me to a rich variety of people, cultures and experiences, which I very much value. 

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    It’s cold season and I would like to share some natural remedies and supplements I like to keep handy and use at the first signs of a cold: Fresh ginger - always in my fridge. I grate some, put in a tea bag and make a hot tea. Ginger is a traditional chinese medicine remedy. It boosts...
    This is the first blog post. What am I going to write? I am going to write about reconnecting with one's natural inner rhythms. What is an inner rhythm? It is your preferred way to flow. Your preferred time to wake up, go to sleep, eat, be active, rest. All around us we see the norms of various...
    It’s the time of the year when the Sun has entered the sign of Aquarius. The old year themes of disintegration and endings are over, and new things are starting to swell up again. The swelling up first happens inside, in the form of ideas, images, dreams. It is important at this time of the year...
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  • Meet My Book

    Wild Dragon Soul is an inspirational book about a journey to find the stable, inner center
    of the personality from which authentic creative expression can flow.
    The journey presents many challenges and demands a confrontation with many contradictions.
    The book's twelve short stories attempt to arrive at the sort of balance and reconciliation that allows
    the opposites to live side by side in harmony, whether in the outer world or the inner one.

    Wild Dragon Soul Book Cover

    My book is available on Amazon.com

  • Books I Like

    Here's a list of some of my favorite books:

    The Alchemist

    Paulo Coelho

    The Prophet

    Kahlil Gibran

    The Life of Pi

    Yann Martel

    Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet

    Liz Greene

    The Secret Life of Plants

    Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

    The Mythic Journey: Use Myths, Fairy Tales and Folklore to Explain Life's Mysteries

    Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman-Burke

    Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen

    Yuan Wang, Warren Sheir, et al.

    Women Who Run with the Wolves

    Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD.


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